Welcome to Pookt Commercial pet waste removal and recycling
Welcome to Pookt Commercial pet waste removal and recycling
Vancouver area dog poop collection service for commercial enterprises
Pet poop removal for commercial buildings
Pet poop removal for commercial buildings
Bulk pet waste removal in Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, and all Lower Mainland areas.

Pet Waste Pickup Service for Commercial Clients

Veterinarians | Doggy Day Cares | Hotels | Stratas | Property Managers | Pet Rescues | Pet Boarding Services & Kennels
In 2015 Pookt started its service to collect pet waste in plastic bags, with the vision that it could be recycled and made into useable products. We first found a way to separate the plastic bag from the waste. Baking the waste at a specific temperature gave us a carbonized granular ash. Great! In this form it could easily be thrown safely into our landfills. But going a step further, how could we use it? We came up with the idea of adding it into a concrete mix to create garden slabs. Bingo! People like the fact that it’s been recycled and in fact upcycled from a worthless product to a saleable item. The vision was forming and becoming real. As our members grew, so did the amount of poop collected.
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The poop picture is this: over approximately 130 tons a day goes into the garbage from dog owners and ends up in our landfills. This is what Pookt can begin to change. Contact us for more information about our company and the services that we provide to our happy customers. Let us know any questions you have and feel free to reach out and one of members will reply to you as soon as possible. You can also view all our images as well as our Upcycling Pet Waste page for more information regarding that. We strive to help every potential customer and client and can help with any comments or questions that you may have regarding our products and services.
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